A Brief Description Of The Cars The 4 F1VE 4 car is a 1970 1/2 Camaro which I imported from the States in 1998. It's running a 454, worked to a point and running a Richmond five speed and is fun fun fun. Still a few things to do to it.  Like, does anyone ever finish? 1970 ― Chev Camaro Full Mallory ignition with Hyfire IVc control, Torker II inlet manifold, 750 double pumper, McLeod clutch and 11 inch steel flywheel, KB hypereutectic pistons, Medium port 98cc closed chamber ported heads, exhaust headers and lots of coating of parts (powder coating and HPC). Every thing balanced. Cal Trax traction bars on rear. Rear tyres 295, Front tyres 235. Fibreglass bonnet.This has been a 3-year project and is basically finished. There is a temptation to put a nitrous kit on, but we will see! 1981 Z-28 This is my 1981 Z-28, which I've owned for about five years. It originally came into New Zealand in 1986 as a 350, was stolen and recovered minus motor and gearbox. A mid-70's Chevell 454 HD engine with turbo 400 was installed.
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